The Piggy Bank Group

For Educators


Content Creation

We create amazing content for amazing entrepreneurs!

Community Immersion Programs:

TPBG 360°
We activate specific communities to show the wonders of the entrepreneurial mindset while teaching how to use products or programs our clients are interested in.

Textbooks and Manuals:

Focusing on a specific target, we develop content and place it in books and manuals fun and easy to understand.

Academic Research and working papers:

TPBG 360°

We study the social phenomenon surrounding entrepreneurship, the impact of regulation and financial empowerment

Train The Trainers

We maximize our impact by training those people in charge of the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our two products, may be delivered both online and in person, and are specially designed for education centers and NGO’s:


Duration: 2 days

Outcome: bring children closer to entrepreneurship and develop new business skills.

Train the trainers

Duration: 3 months (3 hrs online and 10 hrs offline per week).

Outcome: Train teachers who are capable of generating entrepreneurial mindsets among their communities