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We are professional promoters of early-stage entrepreneurship Connecting local entrepreneurs with global opportunities.


Crowdfunding for Latin America


Piggy Bank

Improving the world one entrepreneurship club at a time



A global investment fund for early-stagers only



Improving the world one

About us About us

We are a company present in five countries (and counting).  Our mission is to create products that enable people to dedicate themselves to what truly drives them forward. In today’s global context, we believe that cooperation determines individual prosperity. 

We also believe in a borderless world, where opportunities are equally distributed no matter where you were born.  

Federico Arellano

Chief Executive Officer  

Rodrigo Cruz – Chief

Chief Operations Officer

Josafat Martínez-Navarro

Community Leader

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The Piggy Bank Group

Reaches hundreds of entrepreneurs everyday, either by getting funded on our platform, using our books and methodologies or working together with global-scale brands to develop open innovation strategies. 


Reasons to get involved with us are plenty. Some important members of our community are: